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What is Seersucker Fabric

What is Seersucker Fabric?

Seersucker is a lightweight, woven fabric characterized by its distinctive puckered texture. This texture is created by weaving the fabric so that some threads bunch together, giving it a crinkled,...

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What is Pima Cotton?

What is Pima cotton?

Pima cotton, renowned for its exceptional quality and softness, has a fascinating origin. It is named after the Pima Native American tribe, the first to cultivate it in the southwestern...

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Men's Clothing

For the love of... D E S I G N

North Carolina Highlander Meets Effortlessly Chic New Yorker: An Interview with Brandon Aldridge, Founder & Creative Director of Highland Duds Menswear   What exactly was it that inspired you to fill a...

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Wearing Highland Duds - Dean Cain

Who's Wearing Highland Duds?

What do Hollywood actors, celebrity comedians, talented musicians and renowned athletes all have in common? They all live life in Highland Duds. Take a look at how renowned celebrities live...

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