Quality Matters

From our first day to today, we’ve thoughtfully crafted each style in the Highland Duds collection to bring you comfortable, contemporary looks that you can put together effortlessly. We’re committed to well-made, high quality, and ideal fitting clothes. Always delivering on the details, we craft our collection so you can comfortably and confidently embrace each moment.

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A Foundation in Premium Materials

It all started with our founder and designer, Brandon Aldridge. When he founded Highland Duds, he was driven to create quality clothing at an accessible price point—clothes that endure as favorite, essential pieces of your wardrobe yet are comfortable, versatile, and durable enough to wear every day. Today, this is woven into every step up of our production—a process that begins with hand-selected, premium materials.

From ultra-soft, pill resistant Pima cotton to lightweight Seersucker to ideal blends of a variety of quality fabrics, the foundation of our exceptional essentials is our materials. Each of our pieces is crafted from fabric hand-selected by our designer for comfort, durability, ease of care, and performance.

Even before the first stitch or pattern, our fabrics are made to keep you cool, comfortable, or dry—or so that you can spend less time and effort washing your favorites and more time wearing them! Beyond mere style, we design for the life of our products, ensuring that their quality extends to comfort and fit.

Rooted in Expertise

Our quality stems from our designer's over twenty years of industry experience.

Keeping Production Personal

We stay connected to our production and the partners who craft our products.

Crafted in Small Batches

Each piece of our clothing is crafted using small batch manufacturing. This means that we use a smaller scale operation to create a more consistent, higher quality product. The small factory we partner with employs experienced, skilled workers who live locally and create small production runs. Also, as founder and designer, Brandon partners directly with the factory owner to ensure production quality.

A Detailed Finish

Beyond consistency and durability, detail is an important part of quality. That’s why we focus on every aspect of our products, delivering on the smallest details to give you the effortless style you deserve. Our shirts are designed with flat felled seams for sturdier, more durable construction, and a button on the backside of the collar maintains collar shape during washes for easier, more efficient care. Our pants feature contrast lining and binding finishing inside for an extra touch of style.

Timeless, Enduring Quality

From slimming back torso seams to an ideal shirt length that looks great tucked or untucked, each of our products is made to be comfortably and cleanly stylish. When all else is completed, we add our personal touch with subtle branding details. From the engraved logo buttons on each of our shirts to the striped logo ribbons found on each piece in the Highland Duds collection, these touches represent our promise of quality and sense of pride in every piece.

Versatile Essentials

From start to finish, our pieces are quality-made for enduring, timeless style. Each of our pieces has what it takes to be a wardrobe essential. Inspired by classic looks and updated with contemporary touches, the clothing in our collection is made for versatility and endurance so that you can rely on a few quality pieces to fit any occasion. So layer up and stay comfortable in any weather. Pack a button down for a clean, professional look or a cool, casual evening out. Our collection is ready for any moment.

Committed to Quality. Crafted for You.

Where other brands might take a step back, we step it up. Other companies use high volume production systems, while our small production process allows us to focus on quality and consistency, making certain that products are crafted according to fit and quality standards. This way, you can rely on Highland Duds for reliable products that always fit consistently and comfortably and allow you to focus on what matters.