Crush Your Job Interview in HD: Styling Tips for Tech, Finance & Startup Interviews

Picture this…You’re ready to interview for a new job. You spend countless hours memorizing your resume, readying your talking points, and perfecting your persona for the big day. However, when that day comes, you’ve realized you put absolutely no thought towards what to wear for your job interview. Or perhaps you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum, and you’ve spent hours and hours obsessing over what to wear for your interview, only to find that everything you own is either too dressy, too casual, wrinkled beyond repair or irreversibly stained.

Have no fear, Highland Duds is here to save the day with the perfect, fundamental duds you need in your clothing arsenal for a successful job interview. Today, we’re taking a look at top styling tips for interview outfits made easy in the fields of tech, finance, and startup companies…


Hard-wear Made Easy: What to Wear to a Tech Job Interview

tech job interview outfit

There’s no denying that tech is where it’s at in 2020. According to Skillcrush, tech skills are 20 of the top 25 most sought after skills by employers. If you’re looking to start a career in tech, the numbers clearly state you’re not alone. Whether you’re shooting for ­­­a position in data, development, analytics or otherwise—HD has the perfect styles for your job interview in IT.

 The tech industry is known for being rather casual in dress. (There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg seems to wear a uniform consisting of the same t-shirt, and Steve Jobs opted for a black turtleneck and jeans everyday—it’s called decision fatigue, and you can read more about it here.) When it comes time for your first official tech job interview, you don’t want to dress TOO casual for risk of seeming indifferent to the position, but if you wear a full suit and tie you risk giving off the impression that you’re an alien from outer space (considering you’d very rarely see a seasoned tech pro in that type of attire).

 The answer, friend, lies somewhere in the middle. Experts recommend “smart casual” for a tech interview—and lucky for you, this just so happens to be HD’s specialty. Try out our “Slim Jim” tailored-fit chinos with a button down shirt, or dress slacks with a v-neck tee under a smart-looking blazer, or better yet… a bomber jacket.

You’ll be a full-time techie in no time.


Don’t Go Broke Trying to Look Rich: What to Wear to a Finance Interview

finance job interview outfit

There’s nothing more precise than money management. A job in finance requires that you are clear-cut, exact, and meticulously thorough. That being said, if you want to nail your finance job interview, your chosen outfit is going to be worlds apart from the Zuckerberg-casual styles seen in tech—and you can bank on HD to have the fundamental staples you need to get the job done (puns intended).

Business professional is the power-move here. We recommend you make like Justin Timberlake in a suit-and-tie (a formal business suit, of course) along with a crisp, tailored-fit HD “Ivy Leaguer” shirt in white or light blue.

P.S. - Take extra care to ensure your socks match your suit or trousers (and each other).


What to Wear for an Interview at a Startup

startup job interview outfit

Last, but not least… what to wear to an interview at a startup company. Granted, startups are known for being comfortable workplaces, but that doesn’t mean wearing a hoodie and sweatpants to work, let alone your job interview. Whatever you do—don’t wear sneakers. Though a nice, clean pair of Vans may be appropriate for the workplace once you’ve proven yourself capable of keeping your job, they’re definitely a no-no for your interview.

Your goal here is to keep your interview outfit clean, simple, and free of wrinkles. Truthfully, when it comes to shopping Highland Duds, your potential outfit options really are limitless. Our button downs boast “clever, classic, cool” with a tailored-fit to boot. Consider rocking a “Big Sweaty” over your new button down to perfect the smart, casual layered-look. And sport a pair of Slim Jim’s in navy, grey, olive or khaki to pull it all together.


Shop Highland Duds for Fundamental Job Interview Staples

Keep in mind that regardless of the industry you’re interviewing for, the type of attire you should wear to your interview often boils down to company culture, so you’ll want to do some quick research on the company’s vibe and feel it out for yourself. For all your job interview staples, shop Highland Duds.

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